Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys 5 Tips on How to Create a More Engaged Social Following.

Today we’re on Tip #4, and my tip for you is this: Give Something Away to Your Audience for Free

Now, why would you do that?

It’s kind of like walking through the mall at the food court, and you always have someone out there, like…from Chick-Fil-A…that has a little bite of chicken with a toothpick stuck in it, so that you can get a sample. They do that so that you can get a taste, and that will whet your appetite so that hopefully you can come and buy more of what it is that they’re selling.

The same thing is true especially in the world of social media and internet marketing because most of the people out there don’t know who you are, and they need a taste of what it is that you offer before they are ever going to jump into a place where they will allow you to add more value into their lives.

And so I recommend that you give something away for free!

For instance…this 90 with Nate series: I decided to create these 365 episodes that go out every single day. It’s my added value to the world so that they can see who I am and what I’m all about, and then decide if they want more. And if they do, they can come and consume more of my content, and eventually many of them become coaching clients or they purchase some of my products. Now I’m able to serve them in a greater capacity, and it also helps me to grow my business.

So whether it’s an ebook, a video series, a white paper, a PDF with some great information on it…have something free to give away to your potential followers.

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