Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Over the next 6 Days I’m going to give you 6 Tips on How to Maintain Rockstar Mental Health.

Tip #1 is this: You’ve got to challenge that mind!

My dad was a great example for me when it came to challenging my mind. He’s going to be 70 years old on his next birthday, and some of the things I’ve seen him do my entire life are things like these:

He was always playing games that would stimulate his brain. Like crossword puzzles, and her really got into Sudoku once that became a big thing. When I wanted to do word finds, he would challenge me to do a crossword puzzle…which is the harder game. Right?!

And I would ask him, “Dad…why do you play those games?” And he said it was because it challenged his mind.

But I also saw him do other things to challenge himself. My dad is a pastor. And I always saw him reading higher level theology. He was always reading the latest thought that was coming out from the academic world. He would read books on subject matters that weren’t even necessarily in his forte, but he told me that they would expand his mind to embrace new ideas. And it kept him sharp!

And so these are some of the things that I would recommend to you if you want to have rockstar mental health and really stay sharply focused in you mindset well into your years.

Try some of those games. Pick up some books that will stretch you beyond the threshold of who it is that you are right now. Maybe even take on a brand new hobby and learn something new that’s going to cause you to grow.

That’s Tip #1 for Maintaining Rockstar Mental Health: Challenge the Mind.

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