Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys 6 Tips on Maintaining Rockstar Mental Health.

And this is Tip #2: Stay Fit!

Now, this is coming from a guy that used to be 240+ lbs. I’m down to 160 lbs right now, so I’m a lot more fit than I used to be. And I’ve got to tell you guys…when you’re exercising and staying fit, you’re just going to be sharper when it comes to your brain.

Studies show that when we exercise about 30 minutes a day we get a serotonin drip (from the brain), and that helps to overcome depression. It’s kind of like an anti-depression drug. And when we get that depression, or that feeling of being down-n-out, out of the way, and we raise the serotonin level…then we have enough energy to do the other things we need to do.

It gives us more focus, more intellectual prowess, and then we can really be on our A Game!

So I want to encourage you: take 30 minutes a day. Even if it’s not cross fit, or some other radical exercise routine… just go out for a walk, or hit a treadmill at the gym…something. Maybe even walking your dog. But something!

Get the blood flowing; get the serotonin dripping into the chemistry of your brain. And you’re going to find yourself being just a little bit sharper with your mental acuity.

So Tip #2 for having Rockstar Mental Health: Stay Fit.

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