Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys 6 Tips on How to Maintain Rockstar Mental Health.

Today is Tip #4, and here it is: (…this is a tough one for most of us…) You’ve Got to Maintain Healthy Eating Choices

I think for some people, going out and getting that 30 minutes of exercise we talked about is probably easier than maintaining those healthy eating choices.

Now listen…I didn’t get to be the 240+ lb guy that I used to be by eating healthy stuff! I was eating the things that I was addicted to. The things that tasted good to me…like the sugar, and the fatty foods, and all that stuff (junk)! You know what I’m talking about.

But I’ll tell you this: when I started making better choices with my food (and I’ve lost now 80-90 lbs)…when I started to make better choices…eating leafy green vegetables, lots of fruit, plenty of whole grains, and when I ate meats I made sure they were lean meats protein sources…not only did I begin to dope that weight, but it also began to raise my level of awareness and mental acuity.

I felt better, and I began to think better, and I began to get my intellectual prowess on at just a whole other level.

So, it didn’t just change the way that I looked on the outside or even just how I felt in my body, but my mind really started to go to work because I had more mental energy as well.

That’s Tip #4 for you guys! If you wanna maintain rockstar mental health, you’ve got to have that healthy diet in place.

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