Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’ve been giving you guys 6 Tips on How to Maintain Rockstar Mental Health.

And the reason I decided to do these 6 Tips is because I want you guys to be sharp! I want you to be focused!

People who follow me are typically people who want to be achievers in this world. You want to do great things with your life. And so I want to encourage you to really make sure that you’re really on your A Game with your Mental Power at all times.

So here’s Tip #6: You’ve GOT to Hydrate!

The brain is 70% water. Isn’t that crazy? I mean…if you were to hold your brain in your hands (that might sound kind’ve gross)…but it’s 70% water! Which means, if it becomes less than 70% water because you’re not hydrating it, the brain literally cannot function the way that it’s supposed to function.

Studies show that you’ll become sluggish, you’ll become less aware, and you won’t be functioning on all cylinders if you’re not drinking enough water.

Some people say: “But water is the only thing I drink. I don’t even drink sodas or caffeinated beverages anymore.”

That’s great! But the question then becomes: Are you drinking enough? Are you drinking frequently?

Some people like to drink down all their water at one time, or maybe 2 or 3 times throughout the day. Bad idea!

You want to be drinking about 8 ounces or so every hour. Just that slow, constant, consistent hydration is going to keep you on your A Game, keep you really focused, and you’re going to be at your peak performance.

So…Tip #6 on Maintaining Rockstar Mental Health and Mental Acuity: Stay Hydrated!

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