People ask me all the time, “Nate: how can I make an extra $1,000 a month?”

The first thing I encourage people to do is to join a home based business through network marketing.  There are so many reasons it’s my preferred method of generating $1,000 a month.  But for purposes of this blog, I won’t go there!  Why?  Because we are specifically talking here about making an extra $1,000 a month WITHOUT joining a Network Marketing business.

1. WRITE AN EBOOK:  I love this as an option because it requires $0 start up dollars.  Zip! Nada! Zero!  Write an ebook that you caters to your niche (and you’d better have a niche), that you can sell super cheap.  Somewhere in the $5-$10 range.  And this can’t be one of those little 17 page ebooks full of fluff.  You want to truly add value to your following, AND be strong enough that it can draw new readership.

2. MEMBERSHIP:  Membership sites are becoming increasingly popular!  This can be as simple as having a membership option hosted in a Private Facebook Group, or you can use one of the great online tools that are emerging like ClickFunnels that include the option to host a membership group (which I am in the process of putting together, and about to release).  What’s important is this: you must be adding value to the people who were in the same niche to which you marketed.  Meaning, you can’t message one thing to get them interested in the Membership Group, and then hit them from a different direction once their in.  Keep your content strong and congruent!  I’m seeing Membership Groups like this go from $19-$49 a month.  (And even higher once you’re well known AND cranking out really great content).

3. AUTOMATE:  When someone buys your Ebook online, you want some sort of automated system in place that offers them access to the Membership Group you’ve set up.   AND if the “ACT NOW”, of course you give it to them at a good discount or a “First Month Free” type of offer.  There are a number of ways to create great funnels that will get the job done, but again…I’m really partial to ClickFunnels.  It’s just a great one stop shop for so many things you’ll need along the journey.  Plus it’s EASY for non-techy guys like me.

4. BLOG:  For a long time I thought of Facebook as my “wheel”….the hub or connection point with my following (because my Facebook account was maxed out at 5,000 friends, and my engagement was high).  Boy, was THAT a mistake!  I’m so grateful to my mentor Ray Higdon for setting me straight.  The only platform that should be thought of as your “hub” or center of communication is….your Blog!  I recommend that you create a blog that cranks out high quality content to your tribe.  And in every blog post, be sure you are directing your readers toward a next step of something you want them to read, listen to, watch, or buy.  (In your case it’s going to be your Ebook, because we’re trying to get you to $1,000 a month here!)  NOTE:  Be sure to have some sort of Opt-In on your blog-site so you can capture email addresses of your visitors, and then market your Ebook (and other offers) to them on an ongoing basis.

5. SPOKES IN THE WHEEL:  As I said above, your blog is your hub.  Think of it as the center of your wheel, and now we need spokes to support the wheel.  This is where all your social media platforms come into play.  Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Instagram, Vine, Periscope (these are my past Scopes hosted on, Google+, Tumblr, YouTube and Pinterest (or whatever else you may be using) should be linking your audience back to your blog.  Any time…well, at least a good percentage of the time…anything you write, any videos you shoot, any photos or memes you share…should be ultimately pointing your followers back toward your blog.  Why?  Because your social media platforms are simply spokes in the wheel; but the blog is the hub!  It’s where you are in 100% control!  You own the content, and you control the flow.  So always be thinking to yourself: “How can I get my social media followers to my blog, capture their lead, and communicate my valuable message to them?”

If your site is appealing and appetizing, they’ll join your email list.  If you add enough value, they’ll buy your ebook.  If you add significant value, they’ll join your Membership Group!  It’s not rocket science…it just takes some work on your part.

And THAT, my good people, is what separates the little girls from the women, and the little boys from the men: Hard Work.

Maybe I’ll see you at the Top, or maybe I won’t.  But I’ll be standing there cheering you on!

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