Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Sheila in Minnesota says, “Nate, I get nervous after my prospect has seen the presentation, and it’s time to ask them to buy something. Help!”

Alright, Sheila. Help is on the way.

The first thing I want to say to you is that you need to relax. You’re not going to sell them anything! All you’re going to do is to help them buy.

So do this: Ask them some simple questions, and then listen.

You can ask them: “What did you like best about what you saw?” And if they give you a one or two word/phrase answer, you can say, “That’s interesting. Tell me more about that.”

Remember that your role is to be an investigative clue finder. You want to continue to ask thoughtful, probing questions, to get the prospect to talk about the experience that they just had (while watching the overview of information).

After you’ve taken them down the journey of processing what they liked best about what they saw, you can ask this question: “Where do you see yourself getting started?”…and then let them reflect. PAUSE! Whoever talks next is going to lose (lol).  So once you ask your questions, always remember to take a pause. Give the prospect time to think, and then to speak.

As SOON as the they tell you where they see themselves getting started, there is no more selling to be done. You simply say, “Awesome! Welcome aboard!” …and you pass them the application.

See, you’re not going to sell that prospect anything. You are simply going to lead them to the best buying decision for them.

I hope that helps you guys!

Sheila in Minnesota, I hope that’s going to help you to get more closes and to be less nervous. 🙂

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