Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

The question that was written in for this episode comes from Renee in Saskatchewan, Canada.

And Renee says, “Nate, were you always good at network marketing? Do you think that someone is naturally good or naturally bad at MLM?”

And the answer to both of those questions is “no”! lol

No, I was not always good. And no, I don’t think that people are just naturally good or bad.

Here’s what I do believe: I believe that we are all like fishes in a stream, and we are all at different places in that stream, trying to swim toward our destination. And some people have advanced in the skills that it requires to do really well at network marketing at a more rapid pace than other people; and some people have just not developed those skills yet.

I think that anyone can develop the skills. In fact, in an episode recently when I was addressing Emily in Chattanooga, I talked about mastering the basics about whatever the thing is that you are wanting to be an expert in. So in this case it would be network marketing.

And then secondly, I talked about mastering personal development. Mastering the self.

And the thirdly, mastering your people skills…interpersonal relationships with others.

I think that for me, I came from a really great family and a good raising. I was probably giving a little better launching pad in some of these things than other people were.

But there are other people in this industry that far surpassed me in less time, and made a lot more money and did greater things, when I lagged behind for a while, because I had to play catch up in developing certain skills (for a wide variety of reasons).

No, I was not always good at network marketing. And I don’t think that people are either naturally good or bad. I just think that some people have developed the necessary skills a little earlier in life. But anyone can develop the skills necessary to be successful with a home based business.

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