I’ve said before that I can tell a lot about a person based on where they spend their time and where they spend their money. I can tell a lot about what they truly value.

If someone says, “Nate: I value my health!”, but they’re not willing to spend money on a gym membership…and they spend a lot of money eating out…they’re really telling the truth with how they spend their money.

If someone says, “Ya know…I’d like to lose a few pounds.”, but they spend more time there on the sofa…watching television rather than getting out and walking around the block…they’re really telling the truth with how they are spending their time.

So let me ask you this question: If I were to rate the size and quality of your television against the size of your personal development library…what story would that tell?

I know people who will spend $100s…even $1000s…of dollars on a pretty fantastic television, and when you ask them about their personal development library…well, it might be quite so spectacular.

It’s always exciting for me when I walk into someone’s home, and I see a really large library with a great personal development section there.

If you want to do great things in 2016, let me impress upon you: maybe cut that television off, maybe even cut the spending of your entertainment budget…and redirect that time and that money on your personal growth.

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