Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Today we’re on Letter K of the Success Alphabet.

I want to talk to you about: Kindness

Isn’t it wonderful to be around someone who is just kind? These are the kinds of people that just draw us to them. We like to be in their presence.

If you want to be a people magnet and you want to attract people to you, then learning the way of kindness is going to be extremely important.

I remember two years ago when I was down in Orlando, Florida on a beautiful day, and I was walking with a good friend of mine, Mr Rob Alderman. And he said to me: “You know, Ridgeway…I think the next big thing out there in the social-shpere is going to be a move toward kindness, because we’ve just go to live in such an unkind world.”

And he said this to me: “Anything that you need to say, no matter how corrective it is, kind be said with kind words.”

I believe that Rob is absolutely right!

No matter what we need to say to our spouse; no matter what we need to say to our children; no matter what we may need to say to our co-worker or our boss; or maybe even to someone who has honked their horn at us and given us that certain sign (you know the one) when we’re driving down the road; we can maintain a spirit of kindness.

And you know what I think it does? Not only does it attract other people to us, it really makes us better people when we choose to be kind.

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