Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys my Success Alphabet.

Today I want to talk to you about the Letter R, and our word is: Reflection

This is something, that in my coaching journey with my clients, …at some point in our journey I get around to telling every one of them that they need to take time to reflect.

And I often refer back to one of my favorite reflection places when I was just a teenager. We had a this really grassy hill in the front of our house when I was a becoming a young man. And I loved to lay back in the grass, look up into the sky, gaze up into the clouds, and just let my mind roam free.

I would just reflect about life…the things that were going on with me. And it was a very freeing time. But it was also a time that my brain could play catch up, and I could work through life’s challenges or issues.

Yesterday in our talk about Letter Q, I encouraged you guys to ask great questions. But you’re going to have to take the time then to just sit back and reflect, and let your brain calculate and do all the great ingenious things that The Creator designed it to do.

So make sure that you are taking purposeful time…put it in your date book or your calendar every single day… Take time to Reflect.

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