Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

We’re talking about the Success Alphabet, and today we’re on the Letter W.

I want to talk to you buys about: Work Ethic

Now, let’s not make the mistake of confusing a really great work ethic with being a work-a-holic. Those are two different things!

If you know anything about me, if you’ve followed me for very long, I’m all about remaining grounded; I’m not about being a money chaser; I do want to see you be successful, and I want to see you become optimized in every area of your life.

But I don’t mean for you to be a work-a-holic where you’re working all the time, but you’re neglecting your family…you’re neglecting your personal health…you’re neglecting opportunities to give back.

However, when it is time to work and it’s time to get dialed in and focused, you don’t need to have: Facebook open, Twitter open, you’re cell phone laying there with the ringer on. It’s time to get dialed in and it’s time to go to work!

I see a lot of people who are not optimizing their work time, and therefore are not getting the results that they want because their work ethic is not really where it needs to be.

So, I’m all about playing hard when it’s time to play. But when it’s time to work hard, let’s go to work and let’s accomplish the thing that’s set before us.

Don’t become a work-a-holic! But you had better had a staunch work ethic if you’re ever going to become successful at anything.

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