Four Cornerstones

I’ve been at rock bottom. Overweight, broke, and alone… it’s not a fun place to be! I understand.

But I figured out how to free myself from the limiting patterns of behavior and thought that were holding me back, and found more success than I ever believed possible. You can too! I want to share my four unique cornerstones of success, with you!



Find financial freedom.



You, fully realized.



As strong as you want to be.



Accomplish your dreams.


About Nate


Early roots

I was born in the late Ohio winter of ’73 to a passionate, enterprising young pastor and his lovely, eager-to-do-well bride, and was taken home from the hospital in Kettering to a church parsonage. Everything else in my story stems from these roots.

My dad was the son of a pastor, who was the son of a pastor. My mom? You guessed it: Her dad was a pastor too… and an entrepreneur.

I’ve traced my family history back 20 generations, and the vast number of ministers and businessmen who populate the family tree is uncanny! That lineage of shepherding hearts and capitalizing minds runs in my blood and courses through my veins. It’s who I am!

And so I embrace two destinies:

To chase personal success at every level of life.
To help you do the same.

A rocky start

I must confess: I have not always lived my life to its fullest. I have left many stones unturned, and have too often taken the road frequently traveled by the masses, when I should have taken the road less traveled. Procrastination, fear, uncertainty and poor choices have cost me too many days of my life… time that I can never get back.

Somehow, I lost myself. Nate Ridgeway went missing, and some other poor, unfortunate soul occupied his space inside a shell of a man. I was smiling and laughing on the outside, but hopeless and empty on the inside.

Before I knew it, I had ballooned from my freshman college weight of 147 pounds to 237 pounds… a weight gain of 90 pounds! My hopes and dreams for success in life gave way to a painful existence of working four jobs to support my beautiful children and struggling marriage. Our debt was spiraling out of control. I was making bad choices, and I barely recognized myself!

The gift of mentorship

During the most critical moments of my life, the network marketing industry—which had meandered in and out of my life for more than a decade at the time—laid the most beautiful gift in my lap: Mentorship.

I was introduced to a mentor, Dani Johnson, who would come to play a significant role in forming my thought patterns on many subjects: personal growth, people skills, money, and debt, to name a few.

From new thinking patterns, new choices followed. With new choices came new actions. And with new actions, new results! We arrive as the people that we are by the choices that we make. I was learning to make new choices, and everything began to change.

An exciting path

In addition to my mentor, God has blessed me with an amazing list of influencers… from my parents, to teachers and professors, to business coaches, authors, and entrepreneurs. Each has made significant deposits into my life-vault from their own insight and experiences. I draw from that wealth of wisdom and knowledge as I journey forward, praying that God will complete the empty spaces of man’s wisdom and knowledge with His own.

No longer 237 pounds, I now weigh in at a healthy and vibrant 155 pounds.

No longer working twenty hours a day at four dismal jobs, I now enjoy a multiple six-figure annual income as an entrepreneur.

No longer depressed and miserable, I count myself blessed as a happy husband and dedicated dad.

No longer lost…Nate Ridgeway has been found! And for my second chance at living life wisely and well, I am grateful.


So what are my credentials, you may ask?

I had to face a broken life, and pick up the pieces.
I had to redesign Nate Ridgeway’s house.
I had to lay new foundations.
I had to be sure the corner stones were in place.
I had to rebuild from the bottom up.
And I continue to build…

If you are broken…
If you struggle with your self image…
If your finances are in ruin…
If your not sure of your next move…
If you feel lost…
If the walls are caving in (or already have)…

You just might need a Life Architect.
I’d like the job!

Products & Training




“Everyone needs a Life Architect to help them design and build a life with purpose. Sometimes we need a Life Archeologist to help us dig out what we know is already there.”
Allen LaFan, entrepreneur
“I can tell you with all certainty that I wouldn’t be where I am today in life and business if it wasn’t because Nate Ridgeway believed in me.”
Damayski Kish
“May I say that this weekend was probably the most fun and most fabulous 36 hours that I’ve spent in a long time! We were so blessed by your training and I continue to be amazed by the spirit of excellence that you bring.”
Schelli, Texas - Cow Girl
“I can tell you with a certainty that I would not be where I am today in life and in business if it weren’t for Nate Ridgeway believing in me.”
Damaysi, Milwaukee - Professional Networker
“With your coaching, I was able to make more money in my first day, than I make in a week on my regular job as an accountant. I was blown away!”
Jennifer, West Virginia - Accountant
“Thank you! With the coaching I was able to pay off those nagging credit cards, and make a down payment on my first home!”
Heather, Pensacola, Florida - Contractor
“You Showed me how to make $1,000s my very first month with my home based business! Amazing!”
Charlotte, Las Vegas - Entrepreneur


Damaysi Kish


“I can tell you with a certainty that I would not be where I am today in life and in business if it weren’t for Nate Ridgeway believing in me.”

Damaysi Kish
Professional Networker


GJ Reynolds


“Nate Ridgeway is a very successful entrepreneur, and he has been very successful with building teams. He is a unique individual in that he has the skills of an entrepreneur, and yet has one of the biggest hearts full of compassion that I’ve met. We have become very dear friends, primarily because he does what he says he’s going to do!”

GJ Reynolds
Entrepreneur and Author


Tom Challen


“Nate Ridgeway, you are an amazing leader. You’ve blessed and helped so many people around the country and around the world. Anybody that’s thinking about working with Nate Ridgeway, don’t hesitate! He’s a man of integrity and he knows how to help you.”

Tom Challen
Home-Based Business Expert



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