There’s a great lesson for us in Proverbs chapter 13 verse 22. And I think it draws a really good line of delineation between those who are good people and those who are maybe not-so-good people, measured by their money.

And it says this: A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.

Now when I think about that verse, this is what I think about: I think about the mindset of that man who is even able to leave an inheritance for his children’s children.

You see, to be able to leave an inheritance like that, that doesn’t go to just your kids, but creates generational wealth, means that that man or that woman has to be thinking about money in a prudent and selfless way. Because they are not building an income so that they can just go consume it upon their own lusts…so they can just go more and bigger houses, and more and nicer cars, and more stuff like we see in the Hollywood scene; even a lot of times in the higher ranks of the Network Marketing scene (that’s an industry that I’ve been heavily involved with for 21 years). I’ve seen so many people in that industry make money and blow every single dime of it, because they’re just not good when it comes to the measure of money.

But if you ever find someone who is willing to take their money and to sow it as seed into creating generational wealth for their children and their children’s children and even for the generations beyond; well, now you know that you’ve come across a really good woman or a good man!

And don’t YOU want to be remembered by your great grand children one day as the legacy partner for the family that established wealth for the generations to come. And for them to remember back on great grandpa and to say…or great grandma and to say: “Man…they really did good by our family.”

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