Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Today we’re looking at Proverbs chapter 16 verse 16.

And it says this: It’s better to get wisdom than gold, and it’s better to get insight than silver.

Now, I”m going to be really candid with you today. For a lot of years I was chasing the gold; I was chasing the silver.

And the reason I was chasing money was because I was broke, and I needed some! lol

But I failed to realize that it was my lack of wisdom and my lack of understanding…my lack of education on financial matters…and my spending habits and addictions, that had gotten me to the place where I was in need of money.

You see, if I had had the wisdom and knowledge, and if I had had the prudent character, I would not have found myself in that bad position in the first place.

But when I quit chasing the gold and the silver (and just so you know, that wasn’t working very well), and I began to chase the wisdom…and I began to chase keen insight and to learn things that I did not know, and began to work hard on myself…that’s when I found success.

Not just success in making money; but success in knowing what to do with it once I had it.

Now when you combine that great knowledge and great wisdom with a good and prudent heart, not only are you going to make more money, and not only are you going to know what to do with it for yourself; you’re also going to know how to use your gain to impact the lives of others as well.

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