Proverbs 16 verses 22 says: Prudence is a fountain of life to the prudent; but folly brings punishment to the fools.

Now here’s the deal: none of us likes to think of ourselves as being fools. We want to think of ourselves as being prudent. But it’s not until we become really gut wrenchingly honest with ourselves to find ourself in the story…the story of the Prudent vs the Foolish…that we can really begin to advance.

And that’s something that I had to do many years ago. I had to get to the place where I was willing to look at my life and ask myself this question: “Alright Nate Ridgeway…where are you playing the fool?”

You see, if we’ve not yet risen to the level in life where we want to rise…and I’m not just talking about making more money and economic success here. I’m talking about in our marriage relationships, in our relationships as parents, in our standing in the community, and being able to do that big great thing that we want to do with our life…if we’ve not yet attained that, then maybe there’s still some area of our life where we are playing the fool.

Maybe it’s in our lack of knowledge, or our lack of wisdom, or maybe in not taking the right action. Where is it that we’re missing it?

When we can find what needs to be corrected and make the adjustment, now we are walking in prudence!

It says that prudence (listen to this…it’s interesting the way that it’s worded) …prudence is a fountain of life to the prudent. Why? Because only a prudent woman or a prudent man is going to seek after prudence in the first place! While the fool, as we’ve learned before in this Proverbs series, ….the fool chases fantasies.

Don’t be the fantasy chaser! Be the man or the woman who chases prudence. And THAT exemplifies you as being prudent, and it will be a fountain of life to you.

That’s the message of Proverbs.

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