Proverbs 19:20 teaches us this: Listen to advice and wise counsel, and at the end you’ll be counted among the wise.

Now, I’ve said it before, and you guys know that I’m all about creating a legacy piece.

I’m creating a legacy not only for my family, but I’d like to think that I’m creating a legacy for your family as well; that the wisdom I’m giving out to you guys in this series…the things that I’ve learned and I’m still learning, and am applying for the generations following after me…my son Nathan and my daughter Abbey, and for their children one day and even my great grand children…

I’m also giving this knowledge and wisdom away to you, my viewers, for free; because I really want to create a great legacy for you as well.

But when I think back to just a few years ago, I wasn’t in a position to even be able to impact my own self and my own family, much less to be able to impact yours. Because…well….I wasn’t sitting in the seat of wisdom, and I wasn’t listening to a whole lot of correction.

But when I invited that discipline into my life, it totally changed the course of everything. I was able to start to build a strong foundation for myself as a person, and I was able to build a more solid and stable foundation for my family. Now I’m able to give that away to the world. To you guys.

Why? Because I want to be sitting in the seat of the wise at the end of all things.

And that’s my question to you. At the end of your life, when you’re laying there…maybe on your death bed…maybe even at your funeral, and people there are considering that dash between your birthdate and your expiration date… What seat will you be sitting in? And how will you be considered?

That’s the story you’re writing right now with every decision you make.

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