In 2012 I made the decision to officially start running.

We’re not talking 2 or 3 miles here. We’re talking….marathon!

I was not a runner at all! Lol

In fact, I had most recently been a couch potato who simply was spending 10-20 minutes on a treadmill a few days a week in hopes of not putting back on the nearly 90 lbs I had just lost.

So for me, running a marathon … 26.2 miles … was shooting the moon.

Are you sick of getting by with “average“? With “just enough“?

Here’s how to get past that feeling, and how to stimulate yourself into newfound greatness: pick a brand new goal that no one believes you can achieve…AND GO GET IT!

This is your new shoot-the-moon goal.

You need to choose to go to the moon, and you need to do it now!

It doesn’t matter if everyone in your family or at your job thinks you’re crazy.

It doesn’t matter if you industry peers think you’re crazy.

It doesn’t matter if it seems impossible to achieve.

And it doesn’t matter if you fail 10,000 times before you get there. (Ever heard of Thomas Edison?)

All that matters is that your shoot-the-moon goal comes from the heart and is inspired by something that drives you and keeps you moving forward!

From scientific case study examples to psychological analysis, all the research shows us that when we chase of goals that are bold and seem out of our reach, that we generate faster growth and far greater opportunity to bring real change to the marketplace.

Shoot-the-moon goals are the kind of goal that gave us the smart phone, the internet, and yes…literally landed us on the moon!

These shoot-the-moon goals will also keep you from growing stagnate in your mission, your passion, and your day to day processes.

If you are ready to Set & Achieve your Shoot-the-Moon Goals, then here’s what you need to do:

  1. Surround Yourself with Other Great Thinkers and Great Doers
  2. Embrace an Open Mindset that Considers New Out of the Box Thinking
  3. Don’t Let the Normal Rules of Your Industry Hold You Captive – Be Daring 
  4. Stop Thinking 10x! Everyone Else is Doing That. Shoot for 25x Your Current Revenue
  5. Invest in my 6 Goal Setting Hacks to Help You Hit Your Goals Every Time While Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

Here are 10 of my very own personal goals that I set and achieved:

  • Lose 90 lbs
  • Become a $1,000,000 Earner in Network Marketing
  • Run a 50 Mile Race (yes…in one day)
  • Live Completely from Residual Income
  • Coach Either by Phone or from Stage more than 100,000 People
  • Play Live on Stage in the Super Dome
  • Summit & Descend Mt Katahdin in 4 Hours
  • Stay a Whole Summer in Europe
  • Spend 2 Weeks in Bora Bora in Over Water Bungalows
  • Have Private Lunch in the White House

Learning how to both SET and ACHIEVE Shoot-the-Moon Goals is a process, but it’s a process than anyone can master!

If you want to start Setting and Achieving Life Changing, Earth Shattering, Shoot-the-Moon Goals…then I highly recommend you do what hundreds of others have already done before you, and who are already getting Big Results with their Goals  –  Get my 6 Goal Setting Hacks Right Now!

Whether or not you pick up your copy of 6 Goal Setting Hacks or not, I hope you’ll spend some really intricate thinking time in reflection of what I’ve written today.

Don’t sell yourself short. Shoot for the moon!