Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Keith in Des Moines, Iowa writes in and says, “Nate, my upline keeps pushing me to go to my company’s next big event. It’s very expensive! Is it worth it?”

Now, Keith…I don’t know who you’re upline is or what company you’re with, but I’ve got to tell ya…on this one…I completely agree with your upline.

I think that you need to do what you need to do to try to get to that event!

Here’s why: something magical takes place at events that we are not able to harness in any other environment. At that event they are going to teach you how to do the things that you don’t know how to do right now. They are going to give you an education that you can’t get just watching the videos. They are going to give an inspiration quality and a spirit to you, that when you come home from that event…you’re not going to have to fake your excitement and enthusiasm. Everyone who knows you is just going to feel it!

I was always a big advocate for the event cycle, because it’s where I would take my team to get them educated…to get them trained…to get them inspired, and equipped and empowered to come back home and to do some great things.

A quick little story: I was with a business one time, and I was sitting on about $50,000 worth of volume a month. We had a big event coming up, and my upline leader pushed me to get to that event and to take as many people as I could with me.

And so I did that! I took 53 people with me to that event. We came home…and because we were inspired, educated, empowered and equipped, in the next 13 days we pushed over $100,000 worth of volume. My personal residual check went from $4,000 to over $11,000 that month in just a 13 day window of time.

So, I have to agree with your upline Keith! If at all possible…get to that event.

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