Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Rachel in Fort Bragg, North Carolina said, “Nate, I’ve been with my company for a year and I’ve spent more money than I’ve made. Could you recommend another company?”

And my answer to that question is: absolutely NOT! lolz

I cannon recommend another company, because your company is not the problem…it doesn’t sound like, to me. And I’m not trying to be cross with you, Rachel, in any way. But if you’re spending more than you’re making, then you need to rearrange your thoughts concerning your business.

Here are a couple of tips I would have for you:

  1. Number one, stop spending more than you are making.
  2. Number two, start making more money.

Increase your profits by increasing your skill! Get better at the thing you are doing.

You don’t need to move to another company. Chances are you are already with a pretty great company. I don’t even have to know what company it is, because most network marketing companies are actually pretty great companies. But…they are companies that are built with people. People who are flawed. And we are among those people. Right?

We don’t possess every skill that there is, but it sounds to like you’ve got some skills that you need to work on. You need to get better at what you’re doing there with your home based business. And with time you’re probably going to write to me again and say, “Nate…thank you SO much for talking me off the ledge of jumping to another company!”

If you go to another company, you’ve got to re-learn the product…re-learn the comp plan…re-learn the culture…re-learn the leadership.  All the people that have been following you with XYZ Company are going to be like, “Wait?! Why did you go to 123 Company?” And it’s just going to create confusion.

So don’t go to another company, Rachel. Stick with the one you’ve got! And just get better at doing your business.

(P.S. – On occasion, there may be a good reason for leaving a company. Not making enough money is never a good reason. There’s always someone making good money at your company. If you’re not making good money, it’s because you lack skill or work ethic. A good reason to leave a company might be that the corporate leadership lacks integrity and is imploding the business. That’s very different from the “I’m not making enough money” excuse.)

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