Social Media Anxiety






Are you among the masses who are finally figuring out that self-branding is the way to go, but you feel overwhelmed by the Social Sphere?  Never Fear!  Nate is here! lol

I get the questions all the time: “Nate…which social media platforms should I be on?  And how often should I post? What should my social strategy be?”

Let’s take them one at a time.

Which Social Platforms Should I Be On?

Answer: All of them

Let me explain.  I do not mean that you should be actively engaged on every single social platform, every single day  ESPECIALLY  if you are just getting started building your social presence.

What I DO mean is this: you need to get your name (or whatever your brand is) registered on every single platform in an effort to own the real estate.  It doesn’t mean that you have to develop it right away.  But you don’t want to get down the road a year from now, be ready to attempt to conquer Twitter, only to discover that in the meantime someone else has taken your name.  Now you have a break in your brand, and that’s not a good thing.

So go ahead and register for every single social media you can think of, and grab that real estate with your name or brand name!  You’ll thank me later!

How Often Should I Post?

Answer: As often as you can

Let me explain.  The social media that you use the most often (which for most of the world is Facebook) you should be posting every day, at least 3-4 times per day.  If you are utilizing Twitter, you should have everything you post on other social media populating your Twitter account, Twitter thus becoming like a catalogue for everything that is socially YOU!

You probably have some “secondary” social channels (some social marketers would cringe that I would ever use the word “secondary”….but it’s just reality for most people).  Let’s say for instance that YouTube and Instagram are secondary social outlets for you; you should at least post multiple times a week.  3-5 is perfect, if not more often.  This will at least get content rolling out the door and populating these channels for you, so that when people find you on these media your station/page/channel/board/thingy won’t look like a ghost town to would be followers.

Remember this: Quality is better than Quantity!  That is NOT to say that you don’t want quantity.  You do.  Just don’t put out cheesy, quick-generated, unthoughtful content.  Better quality of content equals better following!

What Should My Social Strategy Be?

Answer: Begin with the end in mind

To know your strategy, you must first know what you are playing for!  What do you hope to accomplish in the long run.  Answer THAT question, and so much else will take care of itself.

Having said that, I’ll break down what I think a Social Strategy should look like for those of us who are self branding.

Consistent: You want to be consistent with your content flow.  I like a good mix of personal/family, topics of personal interest, inspirational material, and then calls to action concerning your branding (this would include anything you’re selling: product/service/information/etc).  If you’re primary drive isn’t politics, don’t come out of left field with a political slam, or put an uncomfortable elephant in the room.  Steer clear of content that would divide your audience from you, or cause confusion.  Have “those” conversations with good friends and colleagues over coffee.

Methodical: Keep pace with your flow of content. Don’t disappear for days at a time, and then come back with a vengeance posting 12-15 times a day.  Your audience should come to know what to expect from you.  If you are going on vacation and won’t be posting as much, or plan to have a shift in your content (vacation pics, etc), then let your audience know. “Hang a sign on the door” so to speak.  They’ll appreciate the heads up, AND feel like they are going on the journey with you.   If you plan to ramp up your engagement for a particular reason, fill them in!  I have often times posted: “WARNING!  I’m at an amazing event!  Content Bombs to ensue in 3…2…1…”  This way they aren’t taken off guard by the sudden thunder on your Facebook wall! lol

Fresh:  Keep up to date with news/ideas/technology in your wheelhouse!  If you’re going to remain relevant, you can’t risk being too far behind the times.  YOU be the one offering them new and interesting content that keeps them coming back for more!  If they are interested in a diet of what you are serving, they WILL find it somewhere!!  You wanna be that somewhere.

Closing Thoughts

Ok….so what about those “other” social media?  The ones you haven’t started using?

As you develop a good report and flow with your audience, and feel comfortable with the platform/s you are currently using, you may then want to step out and begin to master another social media.

I say DO IT!  When you’re ready.  And you’ll know when that time comes, because you will WANT to do it, and it won’t feel overwhelming to you.  It will feel more like a new adventure.  There are plenty of YouTube videos and great blogs out there to teach you everything you’d ever want to know about pretty much every platform available.  So enjoy the journey of learning!

Here’s a Periscope I did that covers more on the subject matter in this blog.  I think you’ll like it, and it will help to anchor the points I’ve made here.  Enjoy!

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