Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys 11 Success Tips from the Masters.

Today’s Tip comes from Colonel Sanders. And Colonel Sanders said, “I made a a resolve then that I was going to amount to something if I could. No hours, nor amount of labor, nor amount of money would deter me from giving the best there was in me. And I have done that ever since. And I win by it! I know!”

And so, that’s today’s Success Tip for you guys from Colonel Sanders: You’ve got to determine that you are going to win!

There are so many people that get started on a certain trajectory in the direction of what they think success is, and as soon as there’s a little turbulence that comes along on the journey…they’re done! They quit! As soon as things get rough, or they fail time or two, they say, “It’s just not worth it!”

Colonel Sanders would say to that person, “You weren’t determined in the first place. Because if you were absolutely determined in your inner most place that you were going to succeed no matter what, you would find a way to make it all the way to the end!”

Colonel Sanders was asked one time how many of the potential distributors he had talked to, and he said that he had spoken to 6,000. And he was told that there weren’t even that many chicken distributors available…that there were only a few hundred at the time. And remarked…”Yes, I’ve been to them all multiple times.”

He was turned down 6,000 times on his chicken recipe before he said, “You know what…I’ll just market it and brand it myself.”

And he did it! Because he was determined!

And that’s why we still have Kentucky Friend Chicken all across the United States, and even internationally, today.

So, if you want to be a great success, like the Master Colonel Sanders said: You’ve go to determine that you’re not going to quit…no matter what!

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