Do you sometimes struggle with what you should be doing next to build your online business?

I know that feeling well.

See if this sounds familiar…

You start writing a few blogs, maybe doing a few Facebook Lives or Periscopes, you share some links from your YouTube channel or podcast…and one day you realize that you aren’t really getting any results.

You’re audience isn’t growing as fast as it did at first, you’re not getting any sales conversions, and it just feels like you’re not making any real headway.

Been there?

I sure have! Every marketer has.

Over the last 23 days I have made it a point to talk to a good number of strong internet marketers to see what their primary focus for 2017 was.

I have to be honest…I wasn’t at all surprised with what I learned on my information gathering mission.

Apparently, we were all on the same wave length: List Building.

Currently I’m a part of a couple of masterminds: one with John Lee Dumas and another with Amy Porterfield. They’ve cost me a pretty penny, but boy has the investment been worth it!

These two All Star marketers are messaging the exact same thing to their clients: LIST BUILDING

If you’re personal email list is not yet to at least 4,000 names with valid, opted-in email addresses, then you have work to do!

I started on this mission in 2016, and made some really good head way! I currently have more than 2,000 subscribers to my various lists.

I’m proud of my progress from this past year, but I’m still not quite yet to that 4,000 goal. So I’m right there with you!

My sleeves are rolled up, and I’m “list building like a fiend in 2017”!  lol

I thought I’d drop you a couple of tips that might help you start to grow your personal email list this year.

But before I do, let me convince you of your need to list build!

Last year, in 2016, I was part of Ray Higdon’s mastermind group, Top Earner Academy. It’s a very expensive group to mastermind with ($20,000 on the low en and $70,000 on the high end for the year).

Now earning more than $5,000,000 a year, Ray Higdon has become an authority on online marketing. Safe to say I learned a LOT in that mastermind.

(In fact, I highly recommend Ray’s 3 Minute Expert!! You can CLICK HERE to check it out!)

One thing that Ray told me was this: Email Marketing has proven to be the #1 Way to MONETIZE your online business!  Yep…even more than Social Media Marketing!


Now can you see why those top marketers to who’s lists you’ve subscribed to are super busy finding their ways into our email inbox?

As you can imagine, I immediately went to work devising a plan to build my list! And boy, has it paid off!

So….here are a few tips that can help you get started on building your own list.

TIP #1
You are going to need an email marketing system that can help you efficiently and legally get into the email inboxes of your followers.

I’ve check out a lot of different email marketing providers, and I decided to go with Mail Chimp as my personal choice. Mike Dillardworth more than $50,000,000…uses Mail Chimp. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me! Click this link to get your FREE Account:

TIP #2
Before you attempt to attract strangers to your email list, start first with your warm market.

Ask your friends, family, and colleagues if they would be ok with you adding them to your new list. Explain what your list is all about (health education, business building tips, social media marketing, etc), so they will know what to expect.

Also, let them know who often you plan to email your list. This is very important! If you plan to email daily, then let them know. They will be ok with it, as long as you are honest on the front end.

Mail Chimp has a very simple feature that allows you to manually enter the names and email addresses of your warm market. So you can literally start building your list Day One!

TIP #3
Another cool feature that Mail Chimp give you for FREE (and we all like Free), is the ability to generate Lead Capture Pages so that you can begin to build your audience from your online followers. How cool is that!?

All the “know how” you need to create a list of online followers who want to subscribe to your email list is available in Mail Chimp’s tutorial. Their videos are really short, simple, and show you EXACTLY how to do it all, step by step.

Then all you have to do is post the generated link that Mail Chimp gives you to your social media accounts, and BOOM! People can start to subscribe to your list.

I literally had ZERO UNDERSTANDING on how to do any of this! But Mail Chimp’s easy little videos got me List Building in no time!

I beg you…please don’t be afraid of List Building! It’s not hard at all. The functions of how to get is all set up is SO simple, and you will literally be up and running your very first day.

Then, you can get as creative as you want, as you learn more and more about List Building strategies.

I know that you have it in you to be a great marketer! I want to see you SUCCEED in 2017!! And List Building is the #1 way that I….and all the other Top Marketers out there…are dominating in the online marketing space.

I hope this helps!

P.S. You can connect with me by clicking one of the icons below! I look forward to it. 🙂