Do you have the abundance mindset?

Think about this…

In the last 10 years you’ve gone from using a flip phone that could barely send a text message, to holding a supercomputer in the palm of your hand, with 24/7 Internet access and greater power than the processing powerhouses of the 1970s that took several rooms or even floors of a building to contain.

What if the astronauts that first landed on the moon had the technology in 1963 that you carry around in your pocket every day?

Peter Diamandis says, “Our ever rapidly growing and expanding world of technology, communication, and science requires a new mindset of abundance. With today’s technology you can accomplish more, faster than ever before. ”

The same processing power that used to cost millions of dollars, we could get for a few cents today.

Brand new start up companies are launching in mere minutes today, as you are reading this email. They will create and sell a new product by tomorrow, and they will grow their market to reach around the globe with a single push of a button that will launch an automated proverbial online ATM.

The abundance mindset embraces all of this—the idea that nothing is truly scarce and the concept that technology creates more opportunity. If you embrace it, you’ll consistently find key resources you need to succeed.

Today, leaders of every industry use the abundance mindset to innovate and advance quickly. They are not afraid of the future. They don’t make excuses about unavailable resources or worry that there won’t be enough available to make their vision a reality.

It’s important to understand this about super achievers, because when you do, you free yourself from being stuck in the same old holding pattern—failing to move forward as our rapidly evolving world moves past you.

If you want to adopt the abundance mindset, you must do these 3 things:

  1. Do not bow to the limiting belief that resources will not be available for you
  2. Do not worry about your competition 
  3. Create the change that you want to see in the world around you

I want to see you win! I know that you can.

To your success,