Today we’re finishing up John Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Growth with #15 today, and it’s the Law of Contribution.

The Law of Contribution says: Growing Yourself Enables You to Grow Others

There’s a poem I read many years ago…maybe you’ve heard of it… It’s called The Dash. It talks about the quality of a man or woman’s life is in the dash. The birth date and the death date of a person don’t really tell us very much; and that dash stands there starkly.

I don’t know if you’ve ever done this… but I have walked through cemeteries sometimes and I’ve looked at [the dash on a tombstone] since I read that poem,  and I’ve wondered, “What was in that guy’s dash?”

Here’s what I know: If you’re not living a life that is out there adding value to the world and blessing others… then how long you live doesn’t really matter, my friends. Because this life is all about giving back!

We’ve go to think of ourselves not as reservoirs, but as rivers. As conduits of everything that we’ve learned and all the knowledge that we’ve gained, and the greatness that has been given to us by our Creator…and we should spill that out into the lives of everyone else around us.

I tell the people who follow me: “Every day of your life you should be finding a way to add value to the world around you.”

The Law of Contribution says that “Growing Yourself Enables You to Grow Others.”

So add value to someone today!

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