John Maxwell’s Law #12 is the Law of Curiosity.

And this is what it says: Growth Is Stimulated by Asking “Why”

Isn’t it amazing that when we’re little we asked “why” about everything!

I remember my little girl Abigail would come in the kitchen…I might be fixing breakfast…and she would say, “Daddy, why are you doing that?”

And I would say: “Well…because we’re hungry.”

Abbey: “Well…why?”

Me: “Well…because our stomachs are growling.”

Abbey: “Well…why?”

Me: “Because we didn’t eat since last night.”

Abbey: “Well…why?”

She just kept asking “why” all the time!

And when we’re kids we all do that. But after we go through an educational system where we’re all just told what to do…that prepares us for a job market where we’re just told what to do…after a while we stop asking “why”, and we just do as we’re told. And we just fall in line like good little soldiers.

One of the best things you can ever do is to become curious again like a child, and to start asking great questions.

In fact, John Maxwell wrote a book called “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.”

So, become an Asker-of-Questions again, and why things work. The great visionaries of the world like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson…those guys are always asking: “Why?” “What’s possible?” “What if we did this?”

Asking “why” will absolutely help you to grow!

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