John Maxwell’s Law of Expansion says this: Growth Always Increases Your Capacity

Now when I first started down my personal growth journey I think that I thought more in term of addition. For instance: “I’ll read a book, and I’ll learn something.” “I’ll listen to an audio and I’ll learn another thing.” “I’ll watch a video…maybe even attend a seminar…and I’ll learn something more.”

And I just thought of it as stack up little bits of knowledge.

What I didn’t understand was that I had an addition mindset, and I should have had the foresight to know that I was able and had permission to have a multiplication mindset.

Because as you’re growing and learning you’re not just learning stuff (gaining knowledge), you’re also expanding your capacity!

The capacity for what?

The capacity to be more; to know more; to have more; to hold more; to do more; the capacity to add even greater value into the marketplace.

And let me tell you something my friends: the marketplace is always what determines what is of value. It pays a little bit for a little bit of value. But the marketplace will pay a LOT for GREAT value!

So let me encourage you…continue to grow and expand if you want to have great value in the marketplace.

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