John Maxwell’s Law of Growth #13 is the Law of Modeling, and it says: It’s Hard to Improve When You Have No One But Yourself to Follow

The greatest words you’ll ever hear come out of a leader’s mouth are these: Follow Me!

When you find someone who says, “Hey! Just follow me!” …you know you’ve found someone who is confident in the direction they’re going.

There’s an old saying about leadership and it goes like this: A Leader is One Who Knows the Way, Who Goes the Way, and Who Shows the Way!

Here’s my tip for you when it comes to the Law of Modeling: Find someone who has done what it is that you are wanting to do; who has accomplished what you want to accomplish; who has the character and quality of the kind of person that you could follow; someone that you like the way they deliver content; and if all of those things line up, then I would grab a hold of that person’s coattail and I would follow them all the way to success! And just remain focused.

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Remember the Law of Modeling: it’s Really Hard to Grow if You Have No One but Yourself to Follow.

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