Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Today we’re talking about the Law of Resource. And the Law of Resource says this: What You Truly Value is Proven by Where You Spend Your Time & Money

I love Larry Winget. He’s one of my favorite personal development gurus. And he’s kinda funny! He’ll tell people: “You say you want to get healthy. No you don’t! Your lying! What you really wanted was the cheeseburger!”

People will say that they want to become financially independent. And Larry will say: “No you don’t! What you really wanted to do was to take that vacation that you couldn’t afford!”

It’s really something to think about, isn’t it. Where do we spend our time? And where are we spending our money?

If you say you value your health but you’re not willing to spend your financial resources at Whole Foods or some great organic grocery, then do you really value your health? If you’re not willing to take some money out of your recreation budget and apply it to a gym membership, do you really value your health?

If you say you value personal development and growing yourself so that you can raise your lid, but you’re not willing to spend money to go to seminars, events, or maybe to higher a coach to help you with the next leg of your journey, are you really serious about your personal development? Are you really serious about taking it to the next level?

So consider these things. The Law of Resource says: I can tell what you really value by where you’re spending your time and your money.

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