John Maxwell’s Law of Growth #9 is the Law of the Ladder, and it says this: Your Character Growth will Determine the Height of Your Personal Growth

Literally, you cannot grow higher than the height of your personal character.

Now, it’s interesting. We live in times on social media where people are trying to sell “How to Monetize Facebook” … “10 Best Ways to Get Instagram Followers” … and a lot of people are taking that stuff as if it’s personal growth. And certainly it does grow your person because you learn something…you gain new knowledge.

But here’s the thing you guys: academic knowledge alone is not enough to grow you where it matters most, and that’s in your character!

If you really want to take it to the next level, then I recommend that you study some of the greats out there. I’ve taken the time to infuse my life with the Jim Rohns and the Darren Hardys and the Steven Coveys of the world.

These are men that are not just focused on “What’s the fastest way that I can make some money” or “What’s the fastest way that I can grow my brand” – but rather the deepest things in life that help us to grow as people.

So remember: the Law of the Ladder says, You’re not going to grow beyond the threshold of your personal character.

Focus more on your character than you do any other area of your life, and you’ll become uncommonly successful.

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