For the next 21 days we’re going to take a look at John C Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

Law #1 is the Law of the Lid. And it simply says: Your Leadership Will Determine Your Level of Effectiveness.

Now if you’ve ever seen John Maxwell live…I’ve had the privilege of seeing him a number of times, being one of his certified coaches and trainers…he does this thing with his hand. And he says (touching the under side of his hand as he holds it in the air), “Where ever your level of leadership is…wherever that lid is…that’s as far as your success can go. It’s not going to break through that; you can only go as high as your leadership lid.”

So, simply put, if you want to have greater success you’re going to have to lift your leadership lid!

If you were to work at McDonald’s and you were appointed Team Leader, well that would be a certain level of leadership. And the people underneath you would follow what you have to say, because you’re the Team Leader.

But now being Shift Manager, that’s a whole other level of leadership that kinda bumps you up a notch.

Well, then you’ve got the Manager of the Store, who’s over the other managers. That would be another level of leadership.

Then of course we’ve got the Entrepreneur that bought the franchise and owns that local McDonald’s. But that’s not even the top of the chain.

Because we always have McDonald’s corporate, and there’s a CEO that’s sitting at the top of the pile of all of those leaders.

So remember the Law of the Lid says: Your Leadership is What’s Going to Determine How Effective You Are and How Much Success You Can Have

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