Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Today we’re talking about John Maxwell’s Law of the Picture.

What does the Law of the Picture say? It says: People Do What People See.

It’s kind of like the old adage that we’ve all used many times: Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Now, when I was a kid we used to play this game called Follow the Leader. Maybe you played it as well. We’d get the whole class to line up in a line, and whoever was in the front of the line…whatever they did, we had to do.

So if they raised their right hand, we had to raise our right hand. If they grabbed hold of their left ear, we all grabbed hold of our left ear. And we all just modeled whatever it was that we were seeing.

And that’s what people do. So if you want to be a truly great leader, and there’s something that you want out of your culture, you’ve got to start asking yourself: “Am I being what I want my people to be? Am I doing what I want my people to do?”

I was talking to a young lady one time who said that she wanted to have a great team…a great organization that she could lead. And I asked her, “What do you want that team to look like?”

So she listed some things. She said: “Well, I want them to be hard working. I want them to be willing to show up a little early and maybe stay a little late if the task at hand needs to get done. I want them to attend the events so that they continue to grow.”

And so I told her: “Everything I hear you saying that you want in a team of people, that’s exactly who you need to be.”

If you want to grow a great team, you’ve got to lead by example.

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