John Maxwell’s Law of Growth #10 is the Law of the Rubber Band.

The Law of the Rubber Band says this: You Stop Growing When You Lose the Tension Between Where You Are and Where You Could Be.

Do you ever stop to take time to think about where you could be in relationship to where you are right now?

I know that I lived…

Isn’t it interesting: I was about to say that we live comfortably for so many years of our lives. But the truth is…it’s like an uncomfortable comfortableness.

I wasn’t really comfortable. I didn’t necessarily like my life. But…it’s what I got up and did every day.

And so there was this “sense” of comfort.

I think that a lot of you guys are there right now!

And here’s what I’m encouraging you to do: to purposefully put yourself in the place of tension.

There reason that I’ve been able to perform at a high level and achieve some great things is because I began to constantly put myself in a place of tension.

I remember hearing John Maxwell say one time: “If you find yourself in a room where you’re the top person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

You want to back it up and put yourself in a situation where you’re the low-man or low-woman on the totem pole. Why? Because that’s a growth environment.

Now you’ve put yourself back in that tension that can help to move you from where you are (that place of comfort) into being in a place where you’re uncomfortable. But it’s an environment where you know that you’re going to grow!

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