Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Today we’re talking about the Law of Victory.

And John Maxwell’s Law of Victory says this: A Real Leader Finds a Way to Get His Team the Win.

Now, my favorite football player of all time is Brett Favre. And I wasn’t so much a Packers fan as I was a Brett Favre fan. But I loved watching him play the game!

They called him “Kid Football” for a reason. Because every time he took that field, you could just see the enthusiasm he had for the game.

I remember so many times seeing him in the huddle when they (the Packers) were out for the count, and it didn’t look like they were going to be able to pull it off and there would only be a few seconds left. But that fire was in his belly, and he was going to get his team that win!

And then I watched just here a few months ago when they retired his jersey. Now here’s a man who broke most of the passing records for any quarterback, and played more consecutive games than any football player in history…and they’re retire his jersey and he had all these accolades behind him.

But the only thing he could talk about was his team. He didn’t talk about any of his records…any of his personal wins or his personal victories. But he talked about how great his team was…how great the fans were…everyone who was part of the supporting cast, making the Packers such a great team during those years.

What does a great leader do? A great leader isn’t focused so much on his own win; but on helping the team to get a win!

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