Insta Excitement






Until Now, Instagram has been the square Social Platform.

And by “Square” I don’t mean unhip or out of touch.  In fact, it has been among the hippest hangout place for Facebook-fleeing Millennials over the last few years, making Instagram the fastest growing social networking platform during its rise to awesomeness.

But the times, they ARE a changin’!  Even with Instagram.  Here’s the lastest on Insta-changes coming our way, for those of us who have embraced and fallen in love with IG.

Photo:  While it’s still Hip to be Square, IG will now allow users to upload photos that are either tall or wide, and maintain their dimensions.  Up until now, Instagram forced the user to decide which part of the picture she or he wanted cropped into the IG-Mandated square set.  Now when any picture is uploaded, it will appear in the feed as a square, but once clicked on will appear with its original size parameters.  How cool is that?  So if you have cool panoramic pics, or tall photos of building, trees or just your really tall friend…your followers will be able to see the perspective of your choice.

Video:  The same is true for video!  Now our 15 second Insta-clips no longer have to square up with old school Insta-rules.  Now you can turn that Android or iPhone side ways, and film your favorite mini-films in cinematic view!  Be sure to tag me @nateridgeway so I can see your first Cinematic-Insta-Clip!

Filters:  Ok…so…yes it’s cool that we can share our panoramic pics. And yes it’s even cooler that we can share our cinematic vids. But what’s even COOLER is that now you can apply all of the exact same Insta-filters to your videos that you can to your photos.  Now THAT’S worth the price of admission: FREE!

So Where is All this Going?

While Instagram will remain FREE to users, another feature coming at us shortly will NOT be Free: Paid Ads.

It appears that Instagram, purchased by Facebook in 2012 for $1 Billion (click here for more about that),  will be following in the footsteps of its most ubiquitous big brother.  Facebook has become grand central station for paid target marketing, and you can expect the same with Instagram in the near future.  Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on whether you are a marketer or not, I guess (and I am guilty as charged); but it’s not as if the world isn’t used to being marketed to.

There will probably be some initial moaning and groaning when the official announcement is made, but then the IG corner of the social-sphere will succumb to Paid Ads just like FB and Twitter users have.  You can always ignore the ads you don’t like, just like your dad used to do when he hit the mute button on the TV during commercials.

All Things Considered…

All things considered, Instagram is doing a good job of giving users more options…the options they want.  And that will just take our Insta-creativity to the next level.  I can’t wait to see what all of you do with these new features.

In the meantime, kick back and reminisce about the days BEFORE social media! (Or if you’re a Millennial, just enjoy the artifact).  Because while Panoramic & Cinematic are cool….it’s always hip to be Square!

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