Add Value.  That’s what they say.  It’s the catch phrase of the day!

And I’m not worn out on the phrase itself.  I agree with the messaging.  We should be adding value into the marketplace…into the lives of others.  But I am getting worn out on this:

Over the last month I’ve made sure to watch quite a large number of Periscopes and Blabs from people in the internet marketing/personal development/network marketing niches. (If you’re unfamiliar with Blab, let’s just say it’s a pretty awesome platform.  You should check it out if you haven’t already.  I’ll be blogging about it soon.)  It’s almost impossible to watch a Scope or Blab from these spaces without hearing the catch phrase “Add Value.”

Now here’s the deal: There is an echelon at the top that is adding great value.  When they talk about “adding value”…. you know that value is on its way!  Then there seems to be a whole other echelon of talking heads who parrot the elites who have caught on to the phrase, and use it as if we should all have the license to talk about adding value without every really getting around to adding any value at all.  As if using the mantra itself should be enough to impress an audience.

Make sense?

Now listen: I am by no means “hating” on these people or “throwing them under the bus.”  Here’s what I would say about this group of “Adding-Value-Talking-Heads”:  They actually probably have a lot more value to add than they are currently offering.  I’m not suggesting that they lose the mantra; just that they would take the time to think through their scopes and drop some value bombs for those who take time to drop in and listen in hopes of learning something.

I believe that everyone has something to teach to someone.  Yes, even YOU!  And yes, even these talking heads of which I speak.

In this Periscope Replay, I talk about this very thing.  I’ll answer the question, “What does it really mean to Add Value?”.  And then I’ll address the “What, How, Why, Who and When of Adding Value” in this Episode of the Scope Sessions.

Enjoy!  I hope it “adds value” to you! lol


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