Time and Money are two of the great resources that we have to use to our advantage.

I like to think of Time & Money as seeds that we plant. And when we plant our Time…and we plant our Money…they are going to reap some sort of a harvest!

I like to say that I can tell what a person values based on where they spend their Time, and based on how they spend their Money.

Maybe that’s a little bit of a gut check for some of you. It certainly was for me a few years ago when I was over $50,000 in credit card debt, and working 4 jobs.  I considered myself both time-broke AND money-broke. And truly, I was!

But when I took a step back to look at how I was spending my time…how I was choosing to spend it; and how I was choosing to spend my money…where I was choosing to place it; I was able to get a pretty good look at why I had arrived at the place where I was.

So I want you to think about…maybe even take some inventory (write it down)…of how it is that you are choosing to spend your time, and how you are choosing to spend your money, and see if you can relate your findings to the place in life where you’ve arrived.

And if you’d like to get more out of life, you may want to consider a little more wisely in 2016 where you spend your time and where you spend your money.

Hey There! Did you enjoy that?

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