Let me ask you a question: What are you playing for?

Now you ought to know the answer to that questions because we went through goals earlier in the month.

But let’s dive into that question just a little more deeply.

You need to know…in everything you do in life…what is the final outcome that you desire?! What is it that you’re really playing?

Are you going all in? Are you playing to win? Or is it a casual endeavor, and something your just doing for fun? That’s important to know.

I’m an ultra runner, and I run loooooong races! But I’m not one of the elites; and I’m probably not the guy that’s going to win the race. These guys are way faster than I am.

But now if I wanted to invest the time…maybe with time I could be one of those who could win a race. But running means something very different for me.

For me, running is about self fulfillment. It’s about health, not only for my body, bur for my inner peace. I just love and enjoy the time on the trail. And I like to go out for the camaraderie; I love to be around the other runners.

But when it comes to the success of my family and creating a future for my children, I’m absolutely playing to win!

You need to know in everything that you do in life what it is that you’re playing for, because then you’ll know how to decide how much time to spend on everything that you choose to do.

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