Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Carl in South Carolina wrote in and asked, “Nate: What is the best MLM to join right now?”

Great question Carl, and here’s my answer to that question: There is no best MLM to join right now.

I know that it’s pretty popular for people to look for what’s the latest trend, or the new company that’s emerging that’s really hot right now.

That’s never been an appeal to me. People who lead others down that road of trying to find the hottest MLM typically lead an entire team to tragedy at some point (in my opinion).

But this is the best MLM for you to join:

  1. The one that you believe in. The one that you really like. I would encourage you to find a company that you just really like, and that you feel good about the product or service that you’re putting out into the community.
  2. Find a company who’s product you trust. You believe in it, and you believe in the results, and you believe in the people that are running that company.
  3. Find a company that has a culture that inspires you; but also a culture that’s going to train and equip you, so that you can have best possible success with their business opportunity.

So, there’s no best company, but I think you can find a company that’s a really great fit for you!

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