Have you ever read a really great personal development book, or maybe even gone to a seminar…or maybe been on a teleconference or a video conference…and you took really great notes and you never did anything with them?

I know people who go to seminar after seminar after seminar, and it seems like they’re never advancing.

They keep on just learning stuff and taking all these notebooks full of notes…and not doing anything with what they’re learning. (This was me for years)

There’s a really cool story in the Bible about a guy named Moses.

As the story goes, God was calling Moses, who was just a shepherd, to come and lead the nation of Israel.

And Moses said, “God: how am I, a shepherd, going to be able to do that?”

And God said, “Moses: what is that thing in your hand?”

And Moses, “Well…it’s a staff.”

And God said, “That’s what I’m going to use to help you lead the children of Israel.”

God was saying…USE THE THING THAT’S ALREADY IN YOUR HAND! That’s the point He was making to Moses in that story.

And that’s the point I want to make to you guys today.  Some of you have journals that are full of notes that you’re not implementing.

You already have such great wisdom and tremendous resource right in your hand! Right in those journals!

My encouragement to you today is to pull those journals out, go back and re-read those old notes (maybe even re-write them), and find the wisdom that you can apply to your life situation right now!

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