When I was a little boy, somebody told me once that if I were to take a magnify glass, and hold it over an ant, and get the sunlight directed just right, that I could burn that ant with a magnifying glass! lol

And so I went out one day in the side yard with a magnifying glass, and I was going to test out this new idea…this concept that I had heard about.

And I became more enamored with the fact that I could make that ant smaller or larger based on me adjusting the magnifying glass, that I completely lost sight of ever trying to burn the thing! And I’m sure he’s grateful that I didn’t cook him that day.

I want to talk to you today about your personal magnifying glass.

You see, whatever it is that we focus on, that’s what we magnify in our lives.

Have you ever known someone who has that victim personality? It just seems like everyone is always out to get them, and nothing ever goes right in there life?

Isn’t it amazing that those negative minded people continue to attract more negativity?!

On the flip side, isn’t it interesting that the people who find great success…(we’ve even heard it said that the rich just continue to get richer)…I wonder why that is?

Maybe it has something to do with their personal magnifying glass.

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