There’s a law that says, “Whatever a man shall sow, that shall he also reap.”

I heard a pastor several years ago say it like this: “You mow what you sow.”

I know people who expect a tremendous harvest out of life, but I only see them giving a little bit of effort! They’re only sowing a small amount of see, expecting to get tremendous results.

And I want to tell you my friends…that’s never going to happen for you.

Whatever it is that you’re getting out of life right now…whatever your harvest is…is directly related to the sowing season of the past.

If you want the future to be greater than the past…or even greater than present…you’re going to have to sow a generous seed for a season of time!

If you sow a generous seed, I promise you…you will have a generous harvest!

But remember the Law of Sowing & Reaping: You Mow What You Sow

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