Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m helping you guys establish your Authority Brand.

If you’re going to be an authority in anything, you’ve got to be constantly adding value and raising up other success stories!

The value that you’re brining to the marketplace has got to infuse to someone else’s life, and help them to achieve their goals. That’s the difference between you just being someone who’s had some success, and you being someone who has established yourself as an authority in the marketplace.

Several years ago in the direct sales space, I had come through a lot of years where it was “all about me” because I was coming from my point of need and my own personal lack, because I was coming from a pretty bad place financially. And I could only see the money I needed to make.

But when I made that transition to focusing on other people and what they needed, that’s when I began to add a lot of value to the world and raising up a lot of success stories.

I was able to help more than 50 families achieve a 6 or Multiple 6 Figure Income…helped 1,000s of families to bring anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month into their household.

But that only happened when I made that mindset shift to adding value to others.

If you’re going to establish yourself as an Authority Brand, every single day you’ve got to remember: Add So Much Value that it Creates a Success Story in Someone Else’s Life!

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