Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

This is Day 9 where I’m helping you to establish your Authority Brand!

I’ve been working on my brand for a lot of years, and the tip that I’m going to give to you today was something that was really difficult for me to do for a long time.

And some of you are going to freeze…you’re gonna be like, “What in the world is he asking us to do?” lol

It was hard for me (it’s hard for a lot of people); but as you are adding value into the marketplace…if you are truly adding value…if you’re truly giving it your best shot to take somebody else’s life to the next level…if you’re giving them great information, knowledge, leadership, and skill set development…  then I’m going to ask you to be willing to charge money for your value.

You’ve got to get comfortable with asking for that credit card!

Here’s the reason why: I have noticed that when you give things away for Free, people tend to undervalue them, and they don’t use the knowledge and the wisdom and the information as much.

The second reason is this: People need to begin to associate you with high value! And the more value you’re bringing, the more you’re going to be able to charge.

So understand: You DO have value! And if you’re giving that value away to the world and you’re giving your best shot at adding value to those around you, don’t be afraid to charge for the value that you’re giving!

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